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  • A true multi-purpose natural product. Lavender hydrosol is naturally anti-microbial, cleansing, and carries a unique lavender fragrance. Use anywhere from the cutting board to the shower.


    Our lavender hydrosol comes packaged in a clear glass bottle.


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    What is hydrosol?


    Hydro = water

    Sol = soluble


    Hydrosol is the water-soluble product of our steam distillation. Lavender hydrosol has unique properties and fragrance separate from its sister product essential oils. While essential oils are known for a strong aromatic scent, hydrosols are more subtle and “fresh.”


    Lavender hydrosol is naturally antimicrobial on surfaces and has cleansing properties when used on skin. This distilled floral water is truly multi-purpose with uses everywhere around the house – from kitchen to shower.

  • Distilled lavender floral water (hydrosol)